Download the printable one page document.

or simple follow the instructions shown below

· Download the latest version of java –
· Go to the wordle web site –
· Click create
· Enter the first names of ten people you know, press enter after you enter each name, enter your name three times pressing enter each time.
· Click Go.
· You’re DONE!

· If you like what you see and you want to keep it, click the print screen key and then paste the image into your image editing software. Crop unnecessary edges. Save it as a jpeg. Print and/or insert it into a document, or upload to a web page.
· Click open in window and click print.

Click on randomize and watch how the colors change
Also, explore the other tools available on the following menus
  • Edit
  • Color
  • Layout
  • Font
  • Language

· Instead of typing text in, you can make wordles from printed text either from a document or from somewhere on the web.
· Try that out. Search the web for some screen content. Once you find your web site and/or written document, copy the text, paste it into the wordle box and click go.
· If you want to create a wordle from a blog or delicious tags, just enter the url on the main screen for blogs or the delicious username and it will create your wordle. Click go.
· Also, check out the numerous web links and alternatives on the website – [[|]]
· Add your completed wordles and/or word cloud creations and lesson plans to the wiki page.

· If you are typing in text, before you click GO, click <ctrl><c> to copy the entered text in case you realize you forgot one name or want to start over with the same basic text. Otherwise you will end up typing text in multiple times.
· Make sure you read this blog - How to Make Wordle Safe for the Classroom - by Jonathon Feinburg
· If you use a screen-capture, PDF, or other image representation of a Wordle, you must attribute the image to